Load data directly on your phone using MTN airtime transfer. Our system is fully automated so please transfer the exact amount specified below. You will not receive your databundle automatically if you transfer more or less then the amount indicated below.

Transfer Airtime from your MTN line to 07036228239

To receive MTN 1GB, transfer airtime of N799.00 (note: pls, do not transfer N800.00)

To receive MTN 2GB, transfer airtime of N1,499.00 (note: pls, do not transfer N1,500.00)

To receive MTN 5GB, transfer airtime of N3,199.00 (note: pls, do not transfer N3,200.00)

Instruction on How to Transfer
Dial: *600*07036228239*amount*PIN#
Note: If you don't have a PIN, to use 1234 as your PIN => Dial: *600*0000*1234*1234#