API integration – Send BulkSMS   Our HTTPS GET API is excellent option to integrate with various e-channels such as Website, Mobile App, USSD, ATM e.t.c.   See the API format below   Send BulkSMS https://www.nellobytesystems.com/APIBuyBulkSMS.asp?UserID=your_userid&APIKey=your_apikey&Sender=sender_name&Message=message_body &Recipient= recipient_mobilenumber   Query Transaction https://www.nellobytesystems.com/APIQuery.asp?UserID=your_userid&APIKey=your_apikey&OrderID=order_id   Cancel Transaction https://www.nellobytesystems.com/APICancel.asp? UserID=your_userid&APIKey=your_apikey&OrderID=order_id   Example To Send BulkSMS "Hello World" to 08149659347 https://www.nellobytesystems.com/APIBuyBulkSMS.asp?UserID=CK123&APIKey=456&Sender=Test&Message=Hello World&Recipient=08149659347   Sample JSON response {"status":"ORDER_COMPLETED","orderid":"789"}   To Query transaction for OrderID=789 https://www.nellobytesystems.com/APIQuery.asp?UserID=CK123&APIKey=456&OrderID=789   Sample JSON response {"date":"25th-Nov-2016","orderid":"789","statuscode":"205","status":"ORDER_COMPLETED", "remark":"DELIVERED","mobilenumber":"2348149659347","ordertype":"Bulk SMS","amount":"1.9"}  To Cancel transaction for OrderID=789 https://www.nellobytesystems.com/APICancel.asp?UserID=CK123&APIKey=456&OrderID=789   Sample JSON response {"status":"ORDER_CANCELLED","orderid":"789"}   N.B. you can only cancel a transaction whose status is ORDER_RECEIVED or ORDER_ONHOLD   Now you only have to make a request to the generated URL above using basic a HTTPS GET request. You could paste the URL in your browser to test it.   Here is a description of the parameters used in the URL above UserID APIKey  Generate New Key. Sender Sender name and must be a maximum of 100 characters long Message The content you wish to send Recipient Recipient Mobile Number API Responses The following responses will indicate if your message was received - success, or if there was an error in your request - failure. Importantly, you must be aware that errors that have to do with recipient numbers are permanent and such messages should not be resent. For errors relating to the message format and actual message you could modify the message and resend it. STATUS DESCRIPTION INVALID_CREDENTIALS The UserID and API key combination is not correct. MISSING_CREDENTIALS The URL format is not valid. MISSING_USERID Username field is empty MISSING_APIKEY API Key field is empty MISSING_SENDER SENDER is empty MISSING_Message Message is empty MISSING_Recipient Recipient is empty ORDER_FAILED SMS sending failed INVALID_RECIPIENT An invalid mobile phone number was entered INVALID_SENDER An invalid sender name was entered or greater that 11 characters MAXIMUM_20000 Maximum of 20,000 recipient allowed per send ORDER_RECEIVED Your order has been received View full list of Status Code and Dispute Resolution For Failed Transaction Response Format Since we are using the GET API, each of the above responses would be sent back in JSON

Our internet/mobile data plan works with all devices e.g Andriod, Iphone, Blackberry(OS 10), computers, modems e.t.c. Data rollover if you re-subscribe before expiry of current plan, applicable to MTN, Glo and Airtel only.

To check your data balance
MTN >> *461*6#
Etisalat >> *229*9#
GLO >> *127*0#
AirTel >> *140#